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Love Your Body. Embrace your existence.

Serving the area for over 20 years.


"I AM Purity Nation" 6-Week Class

I AM Purity Nation classes are a 6-week course where teens age 12-18, will learn spiritual principles that will give them a sound foundation in sexuality. In 2016 the CDC reported that teens and young adults age 15-24 were the highest case of sexually transmitted diseases in the nation. We believe this is happening for a few reasons. One, teens are exposed to a vulgar view of sex and never grasp an understanding of sexuality. Sexuality is more than sex. It is a part of us given by God for a purpose. The more they learn and understand it, the better equipped they will be to make better decisions about their body and relationships. Also, many teenagers are made to feel that having sex  makes them an adult or that having sex is a right of passage to adulthood. Purity Nation's program wants to empower teens to make good choices, to build self-esteem, and understand that their value is beyond their body. The following is a list of classes with a short description:

Class 1 - Your Reflection Through God's Eyes: Avoiding the Identity Crisis

Objective: To establish that true beauty and worth are based on the Creator's view of you and not the opinion of the popular culture. To understand the importance of self-worth and how to not fall into societal pressures to engage in sex.

Class 2 - Societal Views of Sex: The  Matrix

Objective: The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the view of sex in our culture and expose the lies and how to see truth. 

Class 3 - Building Healthy Relationships 

Objective: To understand the importance of building quality plutonic relationships

Class 4 - Walking in Purpose: Embrace Your Existence

Objective: To know and embrace the reason for living. To understand the importance of not being involved in risky sexual behavior so that one can live out their purpose

Class 5 - Four Building Blocks of Sex Education 

Objective: To teach students about sexuality from a spiritual, emotional, biological, and social perspective. 

Class 6 - The Purity Pledge

Objective: To understand what it means to make purity a lifestyle, keys to staying consistent on the journey, and understanding the meaning of the pledge. 

Purity Talk

Belinda Marie, founder and creator of Purity Nation, will share her personal story from promiscuity to her 16 year walk of abstinence and restoration of her self-esteem. Go to Contact Us and complete the form for speaking engagements.

Parent Workshop

Having the talk about sex and sexuality is not easy. Allow us the opportunity to help you have this discussion. Learn the lingo of what young people are saying, how to begin the conversation, and tips to keeping your child safe. 

What our customers are saying

It is beyond what anyone is discussing these days...vital information. No one really talks to parents about how to talk to their kids about sex.

Kim - Nurse

What our customers are saying

This program is outstanding. My granddaughter has gone through a series with Purity Nation and she has brought in a friend of hers along with her and it has so touched their lives. If you're looking for something for your churches youth or for your children at home that will teach them to love themselves among other areas, this program is excellent! Purity Nation is truly touched by God!! I would highly recommend this program.

Janet Gainer - Parent