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Love Your body. embrace your existence.

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Promotional Brochure (Part I)

Front cover of the Purity Nation marketing brochure.

Promotional Brochure (Part II)

Inside cover of Purity Nation's marketing brochure outlining products and services. 

Participants of the Purity Nation parent workshop classify the four areas of sex education.

Michelle from Thrive Women's Pregnancy Center, discusses the statistics regarding the number of women the organization has been able to help. Participants work together to classify Purity Nation's four areas of sex education.

Participants learn the answers to the icebreaker regarding the reproductive system. Marketing information was placed at each table bringing greater emphasis to the mission and vision of Purity Nation.

Students from Church on the Living Edge Converge Youth Ministry that completed​ the I AM Purity Nation​ class.

Founder, Belinda Marie, preparing youth for the six week class by presenting the "Sex Is Overrated" presentation. Part of Purity Nation's motto is, "Embrace Your Existence." To prepare students to embrace their destiny, each of them prepared a vision board during the vision board party class. 

One of Purity Nation's four areas of sex education is Biological. It is important for children to know their bodies and understand how the sexual reporductive system works. Students were divided into gender groups and were asked to label the male and female reproductive system.

The four areas of sex education Purity Nation covers during the     I AM Purity Nation class and parent workshop.