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Love Your Body. Embrace your existence.

Serving the area for over 20 years.


The Movement of Purity Nation

When we think of movement it brings to mind motion. With the many definitions of movement the common thread whether it is a substance or sound is that it requires going somewhere. Not only is it moving in a specific direction, it requires more than one thing in motion in order to get to its final destination. Whether it is the movement of a music chord, the movement of a liquid, or the movement of a people, in every instance it requires motion physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

The movement of Purity Nation is to start with an idea of freedom from sexual immorality and flow into a place of sexual freedom. Our sexuality is a gift from God and should be cherished. It was never designed to cause heartache or diseases. As we grow and each becomes inspired we can take the journey of wholeness together. 

Founder, Belinda Marie

The Founder

"Walking in purity goes beyond physical barriers into mental barriers. Our eyes are a gate to the internal construction of our thoughts and the way we view our world. Allowing our eyes to consume pornographic images causes us to misrepresent the value of true sexuality and intimacy. Avoid pornography eyes and maintain purity eyes through what you allow yourself to see." ~Belinda Marie

Hello, my name is Belinda Marie and I am the founder of Purity Nation Inc. The many statistics that are reported each year regarding our youth and young adults is alarming. We must take action to save them. Simply shaking our heads and saying that is a shame is no longer good enough. We need to take a stand. The Purity Movement is just that. A movement that says it is okay to wait. We have to teach our children they are precious and they can make responsible choices to have a great future. My hope is to build a movement where people can say, I AM Purity Nation!

Thank you for being a part of the Purity Nation Movement, One Step at a Time. 

Founder, Belinda Marie